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A Little about Sara N Donovan (Me)


I studied all area's of Media while at college. While approaching the end of the course, I found working on the Photography part more and more enjoyable.


That feeling has grown since then and, although I have worked more so in the printing side of Photography for over 20 years, I have not stopped taking photographs.


February 2013 was my first exhibition since college. It was an exhibition of my own work..... I received a very positive response from the public in regards to my work,  it proved to me that I should continue along the lines of what I love and enjoy doing with a passion!!


That passion being travelling and photography. What inspires me about photography are how a place shows me its history, evoking a story, through wildlife or people, country side or buildings.


Please take a look at my Exhibitions page to see updates, as well as the drop down pages/links of previous Exhibitions.